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Comparing Shared Equity Resale Formulas

This general purpose educational tool was designed to help community leaders understand the relative performance of different shared equity resale formulas. So much of what sets one model apart from the other is dependent on the assumptions you make about interest rates, home price inflation and income growth. This tool allows a side-by-side comparison [...]

2018 Recap

Here is a recap of what we have been working on in 2018. Inclusionary Housing Policy We are working with local communities across the country to help design inclusionary housing policies that work economically and politically in what is becoming a very difficult environment for any affordable housing program.  Earlier this year Honolulu adopted [...]

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The Most Interesting Things from Thursday’s Housing Forum at City Hall

But the things that really stood out most in my mind from the housing forum were not part of any PowerPoint. They were a couple of offhand comments by a consultant, Rick Jacobus: • First, he mentioned that data shows that mixed-income neighborhoods are good for everyone—both the higher- and lower-income people who live in them. Which is an important reminder for people who keep arguing that the only solution is to just have developers keep building whatever and wherever they want, without much restriction, and let the market take care of it—meaning let the centrally located, amenity-filled neighborhoods with expensive land prices house the rich, while the poor and middle-class are pushed out into outlying, less-accessible, transit-starved neighborhoods where land prices are cheap.

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Salesforce Foundation: 3 ways to make the case for Tech Funding

From the Salesforce.com Foundation Blog For profit businesses are routinely able to raise significant capital in the expectation that a new technology will create higher profits over the long term. Nonprofits, by definition, can’t make this same promise and, therefore, find it much harder to raise the kind of money necessary to invest in transformative [...]

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Pay for Success: Overcoming Information Asymmetry

From the blog of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency June 2, 2014 | by Rick Jacobus, Director of Strategy and F.B. Heron Foundation Joint Practice Fellow at CoopMetrics If you read much of the recent flurry of writing about Pay for Success, you will notice a regular pattern where authors acknowledge that widespread [...]

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Hemet considers new ways to boost housing

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 By MICHAEL PERRAULT The Press-Enterprise Hemet officials may have a new tool next month to create affordable housing: a community land trust. Community land trusts are nonprofit, community-based housing organizations that acquire land through purchases or donations and hold it in perpetuity, said Rick Jacobus, an Oakland-based consultant hired to look [...]

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