Comparing Shared Equity Resale Formulas

This general purpose educational tool was designed to help community leaders understand the relative performance of different shared equity resale formulas. So much of what sets one model apart from the other is dependent on the assumptions you make about interest rates, home price inflation and income growth. This tool allows a side-by-side comparison [...]

Hemet considers new ways to boost housing

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 By MICHAEL PERRAULT The Press-Enterprise Hemet officials may have a new tool next month to create affordable housing: a community land trust. Community land trusts are nonprofit, community-based housing organizations that acquire land through purchases or donations and hold it in perpetuity, said Rick Jacobus, an Oakland-based consultant hired to look [...]

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Preservation of Affordable Homeownership

This paper examines the range of different policy options that communities have adopted to reduce the cost of homeownership, with a particular focus on the effectiveness of each option in preserving affordable homeownership opportunities over time.